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The Mandle Co.

Manly candles for men who want to relax.

We make candles for men who want to relax (because there's nothing wrong with that).


The world of candles is pretty boring. Summer Blossom? Dull. Pumpkin Chai? Overdone. We wanted to create a range of candles for men who want to relax, but also want to smell something nice, because there's nothing wrong with that.

Oh, and we've got science on our side too. Learn more about that here.

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Woodwick candles which crackle (but don't pop)

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Our signature scents

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Crazy scents for people who want something interesting

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In aid of CALM

We like to have fun, but we also understand that men need to relax more than ever. We're committed to donating 20% of our profits to the CALM organisation, because we think that what they do is important.

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Who loves us?

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"Much more than a gimmick, these candles are genuinely pleasant and to know that your purchase is also supporting men's health is an added bonus"